Serafina ladies, don’t be scared of layering! We get a lot of ladies coming in store who say they can’t layer as they are too short or it makes them look fat. If done properly anyone can layer, it is just a matter of trial and error.

Layering doesn’t just have to be done with clothing; you can add your necklaces or scarves as well to break up an outfit.

There are so many beautiful flowing garments coming out at the moment but some ladies just look at the garment itself and feel it may be too long, too floaty or our favourite comment of all.... “I look like I am wearing a tent”... not that any of you look this way but it is how we feel.

Ladies we need to look at our garments in a different way and be more inventive and creative. When you find a gorgeous garment that is a floaty number don’t just look at it as that individual piece. Start to think about what you can add to it such as a scarf, necklace or vest over the top. Maybe even a long sleeve tank underneath as well.

It the piece is floaty then adding something a bit more fitted such as a vest or short jacket can take away that “tent” look as a lot of ladies think.

It also means that you can reinvent your wardrobe so some of those lighter knits that you were wearing in autumn. A long sleeve t-shirt under that knit and then a scarf or a necklace on top can suddenly create a more versatile wardrobe.

We have added some images below of our model Jodie as she adds layers her long floaty top/dress. Firstly she adds the long silver leaf necklace and then we add the fitted lapin vest.  Add a few other accessories such as a bracelet and watch and that floaty top has a completely different look to it.

This blog is put together by the Serafina staff based on your feedback and questions. If you have any ideas fee free to get in touch with us


June 28, 2013 — Emily Siciliano



Gayle said:

I have to agree with Emily. The clothing is perfect for layering – I’m of shorter stature and by no means slender. I choose the pieces that suit me and find the fabrics are very unique and delightfully feminine.


Pam said:

Love the layered look myself, and find I am wearing it more as time goes by!! Very practical for travelling too.

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