On behalf of all of us at Serafina we can't thank you all enough for the amazing support you have shown in these challenging times.

We created this business 9 years ago as a pop up kiosk at Norwood and have grown over the years on the back of an amazing team and loyal customers.
It is heartbreaking times for many industries and we could not be more proud of our team and how they have faced up to this challenge. They have all shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to keep Serafina going as it is more than just a business to all of us, it's a family. Our two young children have so many "aunties" that they love to frequently visit and be spoilt by in our stores.

We know that it is our staff that make Serafina so special. They build relationships and trust with you our customer and are always determined to give you a great retail experience and ensure you leave full of confidence.
Like most businesses, we have some significant hurdles in front of us over the coming months. Your support will be crucial in helping us get through, which we & our staff are determined to do.

For the time being our stores (& phone lines) remain open and online store is open 24/7.
We ask that you continue to shop online and share our facebook page with your family and friends. https://serafinaboutique.com.au/
Take care of yourselves and loved ones and where you can try to support the many great small businesses across the country.
- Em & Michael x


March 26, 2020 — Emily Siciliano

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